Earth Care

Projects sponsored by the EarthCare Committee

Solar Panel Array Project

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Savannah Restoration

Oak Grove Tree Planting. 

In mid-January 2019 a group met on a mostly sunny afternoon to put out flags for our tree planting. We found that we had spots for about 120 trees, mostly oak. The trees were delivered the following week. They were in gallon containers, not bare-root. We did some spot spraying, and dug the holes in our planing grid.

On Groundhog’s Day, we met to plant the trees. We hoped for sun even though that meant the groundhog will see its shadow.

Teams put on their rubber boots, laid down down a groundcloth square over the hole and planted the trees.  A tube was placed over each tree for protection. The planting went quickly and we were finished in time for the lunch served at noon.

Thank you to Joel Daniels, who led the work of the Earth Care Committee, in partnership with the Trustees, Grounds Committee, and many others, to plant nearly 100 native white oaks and cedars for a savannah restoration on the church property to help with carbon sequestration, and to provide habitat for wildlife.  A big "thank you" to more team members:  Elaine Daniels, Paul Yoder, Mary Namit, Rick and Levonne Gano, Peter and Madeline Holt, Irene Schriever, Carl and Barbara Menkel, Virginia Yoder, Paul Ashton, Julia and Bill Peterson, Heidi, Derek and Halaina Crispin, Ron Lindland, Virgil and Christine Foster, and Steve, Sophia and Deb Patterson.

And a special thanks to Matt Van Wey from the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District for his help in acquiring a grant to purchase the trees and supplies, and for help with technical assistance.