Get to know the Smyrna UCC Church staff

Deborah Patterson

Pastor Deb has been with us since late 2013. She is a strong leader who listens to her congregants.  She inspires us to give to and serve those less fortunate than us.  Deb is married to Steve and they have a son John and a daughter Sophia. 

Jeannie Rogers

Jeannie has been Smyrna's secretary for many years. She manages the church office and she prepares the bulletins, announcements, calendar, the monthly newsletter and the annual report.

Kristin Wishon

Kristin is our Our Youth Director and Choir Director for the past 2 years. She has a passion for music which shows as she leads the choir and performs at services.  She is a creative leader of the youth of the church.

Carl Menkel

Carl is our Moderator.  He leads our church meetings.

Joel Daniels

Joel has been organist at Smyrna since 1957.  He led the adult choir and promotes our music ministry in many ways.

Barbara Daniels

Barbara is our Moderator-Elect and will be taking office later this year.

Other officers and leaders of Smyrna: 

Smyrna Minister: Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson

Moderator: Carl Menkel

Moderator Elect: Barbara Daniels

Treasurer: Irene Schriever

Clerk: Audrey Yoder

Choir Director: Kristin Wishon

Organist: Joel Daniels

Pianists:  Kathy Robinson, Imani Robinson, Sandra Mahar

Photographer: Mary Namit

Behold! Editor: Jeannie Rogers

Behold! Asst. Editor: Elaine Daniels

Friendship Hall Coordinator: Audrey Yoder 

Custodial Services: Leon's Cleaning Service

Nursery Attendant: -Open-

Webmaster: Tom Daniels