Missions and Community Outreach

Smyrna and its members support projects nearby and around the world

Women's Fellowship Community Luncheons

Women’s Fellowship serves a meal  to the community monthly  September through May at Smyrna Friendship Hall.  – All are welcome! 

Children for Change

Kids collect spare change during worship service for various project.  Money has been raised for various mission projects.

Local Food Banks

We regularly collect needed food items, diapers, other paper products to supply the local food banks.


Smyrna has a Kiva team of over 30 people which loans small amounts of money to small projects for individuals and groups in developing countries.   One is able to select a person or group and make a small loan ($25 or more) to help them reach their goal.  When it is paid back, you can relend it to someone else.

National UCC Offerings

        We support the National UCC Offerings.  These are listed below where you can follow the link and donate.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Alanon and Overeaters Anonymous

Several Twelve-step programs use our facilities on a weekly basis.


AA and Alanon meets at 7:00 PM on Mondays.


OA meets online.

Walking to Jerusalem


WE Care International

Smyrna UCC is collected change for the WE Care Project in Kenya, which helps to provide Water and Educational Opportunities (WE) for youth and families, in an area where the average wage earned is around $2 per day. Thank you!

More information, go to https://www.waterandeducationcare.org/. Jon Steiner, the founder of this organization, came to speak at Smyrna.

Quilts for Empowerment

        Dr. mary Ann McCammon presentation on Quilts for Empowerment.


This organization was presented to us during one of our Lenten Soup programs. They provide fistula surgery for ladies in west Kenya who require it. They then teach them to make quilted products to sell to support themselves after their surgery as most of their families have abandoned them.

We have placed a lovely black and white musical themed box on the table in the Foyer to collect embroidery floss which will be mailed to these ladies to work with.

Hat and Mitten Tree