Christian Education and Nurture

Sunday School

Sundays, (following the Children and Youth Sermon) we have Sunday School for all kids in grades K-6.  The curriculum this year is the "Whole People of God", a  curriculum developed by the United Church of Canada and endorsed by the United Church of Christ. 

Peace Camp

Peace Camp is a multicultural camp with the mission to provide a fun, educational environment in which children can learn messages and practices of nonviolence and peacemaking. Our theme this year was “Let Peace Begin with Me,” and we will have lessons, music, yoga and art each evening. Peace Camp was be held August 7-10, 2018. We will gather at 5:30 p,m. each evening for a light meal together and finish by 8:30 pm. 

Camp Adams

Camp Adams is a rustic nature retreat and youth camp owned by the the Central Pacific Conference.  It is located in Colton 11 miles away on 216 acres of temperate rain forest.

There is a full camping program for youth during the summer and other youth events take place during the year. 

Smyrna's Women's Fellowship provides Camperships so that all our youth can attend a camp.  

Lenten Soup Suppers

A month of Lenten activities begins with a Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper and worship service the night before Lent begins.  For the next six weeks there are weekly meals, study groups and worship.  The last week before Easter, there is a service with communion commemorating the Last Supper.

and New Member Confirmation Classes

Confirmation class are held periodically as there is a need.  New member sessions take place on a as-needed basis.


Kids are welcome to join in! We have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts. 


The Glenda Yoder Sano Church Scholarship program benefits our church youth going on to college or technical or and vocational training.  There is an application process and the scholarship is renewable.

2019 Scholarship Awards



Three Glenda Yoder Sano Scholarships were awarded in May:


Donald Hammock - $800

Lincoln Bangs - $800

Josh Marshall - $800


Prayer Shawls

The Stitch Club sponsors a ministry of hand knit shawls to be dedicated and given to those in need of healing, comfort or commemoration

Halloween Party

Christian Nurture provides the community with a Halloween Party in October.
Games! Crafts! Art Project! And Treats! are featured.