First Ever

Smyrna UCC Virtual Bazaar

Sat. Nov. 21 to Sat. Dec. 12, 2020

Instuctions:  Browse through the items being offered.  Click on the check-box of the item(s) you'd like to purchase.  At the end of this page, enter your name and contact information and click on "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the form.  You will received a confirmation of your order.

Item 100 Log Cabin Quilt.  84" x 102",  Pieced and machine quilted by Arlene P. A lot of work and fabric went into making this beautiful item.  

For this item only, we will be taking bids.  They start at the min. price which will go up as bids come in.

Submit your bid which is higher than the current bid.

Winning bid will be announced at the end of the Bazaar period.

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Item 101 Baby Sweater, Size 1y, White-Green. Knitted by Arlene P.

Item 111 Dorm Boots, red.  Made by Elaine                                                    

Item 110 Dorm Boots, green. Made by Elaine

Item 104 Knitted Blue and Ivory Cap. Made by Elaine

Item 105 Knitted Pink and Red cap. Made by Elaine                             

Item 133 Apron. Brushed heavy cotton twill cross back apron.  Made by Louise.

Item 107 Knitted cap light green, beige and white Adult Size. Made by Elaine                   

Item 108 Cotton Dishcloths Colors: green ,   8" x 8". Made by Elaine. 1 set remainings.

Item 109 Knitted Scarf 6 ½ " x 50" Black, Gray and white. Made by Elaine.

Item 114 Knitted maroon and gray scarf 15 ½" x 46". Made by Elaine

Item 117 Knitted green stripped cap. Made by Elaine                    

Item 112a Knitted Christmas ball ornaments (green/white [15]. Made by Elaine

Item 112b Knitted Christmas ball ornaments red/white [18]. Made by Elaine

Item 118 Knitted red and white cap. Made by Elaine

Item 119 Knitted light blue and dark blue cap. Made by Elaine

Item 120 Red/White Knitted Cap (adult size). Made by Elaine. 2 available

Item 115 Pieced and machine quilted throw. Made by Josette Waitman in memory of Ethel Kyrk

Item 131 Floral Wall Hanging. 14.5"w X 16.5"h.

Item 132 Birds and Blossoms Wall Hanging, 31" square.

Item 134 Sleepy Beagle rag doll. 11" tall.  Made by Louise.

Item 136 Pillowcases, Gladioli, hand embroidered by Virginia.

Item 137 Pillowcases, Unicorn, hand embroidered by Virginia.

Item 138 Pillowcase, Fish Motif, hand embroidered by Virginia.

Item 102 Decorative fish pillow. Gently used. Approx 24"x6"

Item 103 Decorative fish pillow. Gently used. Approx 23"x9"

Item 146 Guest towel 100% cotton made in China

Item 156 Decorative Pillow. 16” x16”. Mary Engelbreit illustrations on both sides. Polyester pillow form

Item 157 Decorative Pillow. 14” round. Bonus! Includes another matching  panel and backing fabric.

Item 159 Placemats. Set of 4 Christmas amaryllis motif. Amaryllis are outlined in quilted stitch.

Item 162 Fall Motif Table Runner, approx 41"x 16"wide.

Item 163 "Zig Zag" Table Runner, approx 41" x 16"wide.

Item 164 Christmas Table Runner, approx 41"x 16"wide.

Item 166 1 pair pillow cases. Green cuff

Item 167 1 pair flannel pillow cases, blue cuff

Item 168 1 single pillow case, snowmen

Item 165 Seasonal wall hanging, 28" by 21" . Rings on the back or hanging.

Item 169 “Ring Scarves”, cozy. Adjustable as they button right through the knit. Stretchy enough to wear over the head and ears. 1 available

Item 176 One Boo Boo bag for kids. 100% cotton and filled with rice. Can be gently microwaved or put in freezer.  Includes 3 kids bandaids. 3"x4".

One more became available

Item 177 One Scottie dog "boo boo" rice bag. Corduroy and filled with rice. Includes 3 kids bandaids. Can be microwaved or put in the freezer for those ouchies or tummy aches. Made by Cheryl.

Item 178 Two boo boo rice bags for kids. 100% cotton and filled with rice. Includes 3 kids bandaids. Can be microwaved or put in the freezer for those ouchies or tummy aches.

Item 180 Fleece scarf. Blue/White. Snowflake Design. 60" Long. 1 Available Made by Cheryl.

Item 181 Fleece scarf. Grey/White Plaid. 60" Long. 2 Available. Made by Cheryl.

Item 182 Fleece scarf. Red/Grey/White. Red Cardinal design 60" Long. 1 Available. Made by Cheryl.

Item 183 Fleece scarf. Red Swirl design. 60" Long. 1 Available. Made by Cheryl.

Item 184 Fleece scarf. Star Wars design. 60" Long. 1 Available. Made by Cheryl.

Item 179 Beautiful Christmas Bear. 18 inches tall, Made of deep red and gold cotton fabric.  Comes with a sporty red satin tie. Made by Barbara M.

Item 188 Fleece keyhole scarf pull through. Stays in place, double layer fleece. Solid red on one side and a red print on the other.  Appx 40" long. Made by Cheryl.

Item 194 Rice bags, adult size. Flannel print with removable cover for washing. Microwave heated or freezer chilled. Cover removable for washing. Lavender scent added by request. Made by Cheryl.


Item 116 Outdoor Classic Carriage Style Sconce Lamps Model 340-07.  H24" x W9.5" x D9.7". New in box.  3 Available.

Item 126 Solid Brass Rams Head Book Ends. Approx 3.5"x 4"x6". Used.

Item 127 Sleeping Lion, reproduction of Antonio  Canova's sculpture in Rome.  9"x4"x3". Used

Item 124 Reclining Lions Book Ends. 6.5"x6.5x"3". Reproduction of "The Library Lions" at the New York Public Library. Used

Item 129 Pioneer chair at least 125 years old.  Hickory with rawhide webbing.  Good condition.  4 available.

Item 142 Christmas Angle table ornament 6” tall made from salt shaker 3 available.

Item 143 Christmas angel table ornament 8” tall made from a salt shaker.

Item 144 Christmas angel table ornament 6” tall made from a salt shaker.

Item 140 Plastic water bottle with sock monkey cover.

Item 141 Plastic water bottle with chimney motif cover.

Item 145 Christmas Key 2 available.

Item 150 Butterfly Art, 3-D Paper on Canvas, 10" x 10".

Item 160 Set of 4 Reusable Tiffany Dragonfly Luminary Lanterns with 4 Water-Activated Floating LED Candles. 

Item 161 Expandable Tiffany Dragonfly Vase. Pour water into Vase to expand. Dimensions are 10” x 6”. Vase is BPA free. More details can be found at

Item 174 It's A Girl" collector's doll, 14" tall. Like new, in original box, comes with baby blanket. Designed by artist Joyce Wolf From the Ashton-Drake Gallery

Item 193 Outdoor Wine Rack. One of a kind! Rrecycled barn wood.  It holds several bottles of wine and wine glasses. Include two bottles of wine. (Shown here on a kitchen table.)


Item 121 1 Qt Homemade Sauerkraut + 1 lb. Voget Sausage 1. Made by Richard

Item 158 Apple Sauce. 1 Pint. Red Delicious and Gala Apples

Item 173 Homemade Almond Roca Candy. 1/2 pound bag. Made by Jane with her mother's recipe.

Almond/orange biscotti with a touch of cinnamon and anise. Semi sweet and white chocolate drizzle on top. 1/2 dozen. Made by Cheryl.

Item 187 Homemade English Toffee Candy. Approx 12 oz in package. 0 pkg available. Made by Leo.

Item 154 Pecan Sticky Buns, 9"x13" pan

Item 153 Cinnamon Rolls, 9"x13" pan

Item 152 Apple Pie, 9 inches

Item 134 Quince jam - 1/2 pint jars,   with cardamom. Made by Louise in Oct 2020

Item 151 Blueberry Currant Jam - 1/2 pint jars. 0 available.

Item 189 Banana /walnut bread. Mini loaf size. 2 Available

Item 190 Picnic basket filled and ready to go! Wine, cheese, crackers and Thanksgiving themed serving plate.

Item 191 2020 Marionberry Jam. 1 Available. 1 Pint. Made by Richard

Item 192 2020 Marionberry Jam. 1 Available. 1/2 Pint. Made by Richard

Item 195 large fresh blueberry scones..made with fresh blueberries ,butter ,cream and  topped with a lemon drizzle icing Made by Cheryl.


Item 125 Antique, painted metal toy train. Engine and 2 cars 7.5" to 9" long. Wind-up not working. Est. 1920s or 1930s. Found in a "go-down" in Indonesia in 1973

Item 128 Children's books in French.  Mickey Mouse and Roy Rogers. From the 1950s. Used.

Item 130 Google Nest Mini.  2nd Gen.  New, in box, never opened. Control smart devices through this hub.

Item 113 Two nights at Lincoln City cabin. 2 Qn, 1Dbl, 1 Twin (upper bunk).  3 Bd Rm, 1-1/2 Ba. Bring your bed linens/towels. Includes cleaning fee. 

Item 139 AT&T Radiant Max Prepaid Android Smart Phone. Brand new, not used, not activated. Unlocked after 6 mo of use.

Item 122 Wizard of Oz Treat Basket:  Includes Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book, Tin Man, Lion, Dorothy & Scarecrow toys, edible treats; Munchkin Juice mix, Courage Fluff, and more!

Wizard of Oz dolls.

Item 123 Cabbage Patch Kids bisque doll heads have been transformed into Wizard of Oz dolls: Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow.  Non Removeable clothes, 17” - 20” tall. By Karyl

Item 147 Puzzle Night Green Basket contains: 1,000 piece puzzle ,500 piece puzzle, 100 piece puzzle, Apple Cider packets, Hot Cocoa packets, Chewy Snacks, Popcorn

Item 148 Puzzle Night Red Basket contains: 1,000 piece puzzle, 500 piece puzzle, 100 piece puzzle, Apple Cider packets, Hot Cocoa packets, Chewy Snacks, Popcorn

Item 149 Puzzle Night Blue Basket contains: 1,000 piece puzzle, 500 piece puzzle, 300 piece puzzle, Apple Cider packets, Hot Cocoa packets, Chewy Snacks, Popcorn

Item 155 EdenPure Radiant Electric Heaters. With Remote Control. Used.

Item 170 Plug strip - six feet long with four receptacles. It may be mounted on a wall or the front of a work bench. Used

Item 171 Light bar - the track is eight feet long with four spotlight cans. The cans are removable, movable, and can be oriented in any direction. Used

Item 172 Bat house - For some lucky bat families. They are 24" tall, 17 1/2" wide, and 6" deep. The front is removable to allow mounting through the back. Recommended mounting is 10 - 15' up on the South side of a building not in direct sunlight. Don't want to cook the little critters. There are additional instructions on YouTube. New. 2 Available

Item 175 CD collection of classical, contemporary, nostalgic, sacred music ... even some folk songs. Vundles of 14 CDs each. A variety of Jean Epley's favorite music. All is very easy listening. Each bundle of 14 CDs is priced at $10. 5 bundles available. 

Item 186 Regulation Corn Hole Game Package. Each board is 24" x 48" x 4", weighs 23 pounds, has retractable legs and includes carrying handles. 2 sets of throwing bags and a bag tote complete the set. 2 games available. Made by Carl.

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